Yorkshire French


We started working with Yorkshire French to help our senior executive team learn how to converse in French since Napier Brown had been bought by a French company. Paul's enthusiasm and love of the French language is infectious and his teaching style is very engaging. We have seen improvement across the board with regards to conversation skills and also confidence in speaking French with our new colleagues. The team have really benefited from working with Paul, and we have recently agreed to extend the roll out of his teaching sessions for a further period.


Lisa Rowlinson-Brown, Chartered MCIPD, Ma
Head of Human Resources and Development, Napier Brown (Téreos)

Yorkshire French has played a significant role in providing our employees with the development and improvement of their business language skills to assist in communication with the customer base in our key European markets. We have valued the expertise, format and flexibility of training offered by Yorkshire French.


Pam Oxley, HR Adviser, Arch Chemicals UK


During our recent holiday touring in Normandy we were able to enjoy lengthy and varied conversations totally in French exploring politics, music and culture. Our ability to take part in these conversations was due to the time spent with Paul Ridley of Yorkshire French. The small, informal classes led by Paul gave us the skills and confidence to explore the delights of rural France without resorting to English at any time during the whole week. Thanks Paul!


John and Jean Hussey (Advanced General French course)

Paul has taught a group of about 10 of us every summer for over now and the lessons are invariably interesting, fun and topical. We have a laugh, I've made good friends and it gives me an incredibly fun way of keeping my French going. The focus is always on conversation and games with a small spattering of grammar thrown in. Extremely flexible and great value for money. Give it a go!


Tracy Basu


Yorkshire French has helped many of our staff develop their French skills. The relaxed and fun sessions help build confidence in learners of all levels of competence.


Simon Barraclough, HR adviser, GDF Suez
GDF Suez

 C'est génial!! Paul's lessons are superbly structured for people of all levels seeking to learn French!

I would highly recommend Paul for those wanting to learn the language.


Owen Burke